UB Bee Line: Health Systems Management and Simulation and Game Design

The Universities at Shady Grove (USG) Bee Line is a Transfer Access Program (TAP) designed to benefit Montgomery College (MC) students who plan to transfer to a University of Baltimore (UB) bachelor’s degree program at The Universities at Shady Grove.  Students selected for the Bee Line are determined and talented with a clear vision for their future.

The Bee Line program is completed entirely while students are completing an Associate's Degree at Montgomery College.  Students enrolled in the Bee Line program are eligible to take early advantage of USG’s modern campus, focused student body, and convenience to home and work.  Depending on the intended major, Bee Line students will be able to receive access to exclusive Bee Line benefits:

  • Early access to UB courses (Bee Line students can take two 300-level courses at USG while still enrolled at Montgomery College) 
  • Priority advising with the UB Program Director
    • Pre-transfer advising to ensure that you are taking the correct classes at MC
    • Early academic advising on UB program requirements
  • Early access to USG student services
    • Academic Preparation Workshops
    • Career Readiness Events and Connections
    • Campus Connections Opportunities
  • Two-degree credentials – Associate's Degree and Bachelor’s Degree 


The Bee Line program is offered for the following UB undergraduate programs at USG:

B.S. in Health Systems Management | B.S. in Simulation and Game Design 

Upon successful completion of all Bee Line requirements, students seamlessly transfer to one of these high-demand programs at USG.

For an overview of the Bee Line program, please also visit the UB website

Who is eligible to apply for Bee Line?

Students can apply to the Bee Line program at any time during their enrollment at Montgomery College, except during their final semester.  In order to be eligible for Bee Line, students must meet specific requirements based on their program of interest.

Health Systems Management | Simulation and Game Design 

For specific information on the eligibility requirements for the USG Bee Line program, visit also the UB website.

What are Bee Line participants required to do in order to successfully complete the Bee Line program?

After gaining acceptance into Bee Line, students must fulfill these requirements while at MC in order to successfully complete the Bee Line program:

  • Earn an Associate’s Degree from MC with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA (requirement varies by program)
  • Attend the Bee Line Welcome Celebration at USG
  • Meet with the UB Program Director at least once per semester 
  • Meet with the Transfer Access Coordinator at least once per semester 
  • Attend a USG Center for Academic Success Workshop at least once per semester
  • Attend a USG Career and Internship Services program OR meet with USG Career Counselor prior to completion of Associate’s Degree
  • Attend a USG Student Life event at least once prior to completion of Associate's Degree
  • Complete program-specific courses and activities before transferring.  Please choose a major below for more information 
  • Submit the UB Admissions Application for the UB degree program at USG

Ready to apply to the Bee Line program?

1. Click here to apply for the Bee Line program.
2. For best consideration, submit the application by

  • June 15th for fall enrollment in Bee Line
  • November 15th for spring enrollment in Bee Line

3. Selected applicants will be contacted via e-mail.**

**Please help to ensure that you receive Bee Line related e-mails by adding marcie@umd.edu to your email contact list.