The Physical Education Master's Certification Program (PE-MCERT) is a 13 month intensive graduate level teacher preparation program. Students complete 30 credits of graduate course work and a 12 credit internship. Following successful completion of all graduation requirements, students will receive both a Master's Degree (M.Ed.) and Maryland Specialist Certification in K-12 Physical Education. The program is a collaborative effort between the Department of Kinesiology in the School of Public Health and the College of Education.

Students begin the program in the summer and spend one full academic year interning in K-12 Maryland Public Schools while completing their course requirements. During their internship experience, students engage in a school based research experience and are closely mentored by teachers and university supervisors who work collaboratively to guide learning.

The program is open to anyone interested in teaching physical education or working with children across a variety of contexts and who meet the prerequisite requirements.

Admission Deadlines

This program is no longer admitting students at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG). For more information about the MCERT program, please contact Kay Moon at

Application Procedures

The University of Maryland strongly encourages all eligible applicants to apply on-line at 

Program Prerequisites

Transcript review- The following coursework is needed in order to be eligible for admission to this program. It is strongly recommended that all applicants have their undergraduate transcripts reviewed prior to applying. Please contact the EDCI Advising Office ( to have your transcripts reviewed.


Course title

UMD Equivalency


Exercise Physiology






Motor learning



Motor Development (knowledge of the acquisition of motor skills) (preferred)

Teaching for Sequential Skill Development (accepted)

Human Development through the Life Span (accepted)

Child Growth and Development (accepted)







Psychology of Sport and physical activity (preferred)

Educational Psychology (accepted)

Developmental Psychology (accepted)





Diversity and cultural competence 
Sport and American Society (preferred)

Adapted Physical Education

Courses that have the diversity or cultural competency designation are also accepted.





Activity Courses:

3 sports and 2 physical activities (i.e. fitness, dance, martial arts).

Intermediate level preferred.


KNES100 level courses

Equivalent, documented experiences in a participatory, teaching or coaching context.

Application Requirements

1. GPA: While a diverse range of applicants is accepts annually into the program, the UMD graduate school requires that candidates have a minimum of a 3.0 undergraduate GPA. Applicants who do not meet this requirement are still encouraged to apply as individuals are evaluated based on a combination of grades, professional experiences, and outlook about teaching.

2. Test Scores: Praxis I Applicants must have passed 2 out of 3 of the Praxis I sections before their file will be reviewed for admission. An applicant must pass all three sections (Reading 177, Writing 173, Math 177) to be offered admission to MCERT. We will not have conditional or provisional admissions based on Praxis I. Please note that the GRE is NOT required or accepted for admission to the Masters Certification Program.

Praxis II After admitted in the program, teacher candidates must take Praxis II content area by November and passed prior the Spring semester (January). For more information about the Praxis I and II tests go to

3. Letters of Recommendation: Applicants need to submit 3 letters of recommendation which can be submitted by professors or others who can assess the quality of the applicant's prior academic performance and/or their experience working with adolescents. The Application Supplemental Form (ASF), contains an Online Letters of Recommendation feature, through which applicants can request electronic letters from their recommenders. If applicants prefer not to use Online Letters, they can download University of Maryland Recommendation Letter Forms here. Be certain that the applicant's full name is included on each recommendation.

4. Personal Statement: Please submit an essay describing your interest in becoming a public school teacher and your academic, professional, and extracurricular experiences that led you to your decision to apply. This statement of goals, experiences and education interests can be submitted using the Application Supplemental Form (ASF).

5. Interview: All candidates, in order to be considered, must interview by phone or in person. The interview will be scheduled in the weeks following the two application deadlines.

6. Additional Requirements

Entry Level

40hs Experience working with K-12 age children 

Entry Level

Current CPR  certification 

By January

Professional engagement: MAHPERD membership AND attendance at one (minimum) professional development event sponsored by MAHPERD or AAHPERD (conference, spring fling, other). For moreinformation on MAHPERD membership and events go to

Entry and Exit

Ongoing during the program

Physical Activity, Fitness and Skill competency portfolio. Initial and final portfolio entries, including maintenance and evidence of engagement in a health enhancing level of fitness throughout the program: log book to be completed and submitted by the end of each semester.