All classrooms at Shady Grove are “smart classrooms” equipped with a computer, DVD player, projectors, screens, and some have document projectors (overheads). All of the equipment is kept in the “technology closet” which is next to the podium.

In general, when you come to the class, you must turn on the computer in the closet, then log into the computer with a login and password that will be provided to you. You will run all of the technology from a small touch screen on the podium.

If you have any technology problems or questions, you can always pick up the phone in every classroom behind the podium and dial x6363 to reach IT. They are located on the 2nd floor in Building III, and generally will be in your classroom within a few minutes after your call to assist you.

If you experience a continuing problem with technology, please let your department know, so that we can request assistance from IT, or request a room reassignment.

If you would like a brief training session, contact IT at (301) 738-6363 and request an appointment with them. They are very accommodating.


Workroom is located in room 5161 on the 5th floor of the Camille Academic Center (Building III), just as you walk through the double entrance doors. Photocopier, printer, fax machine, large paper cutter, 3-hole punch, and paper shredders are available for use in the workroom.

Copying/Scanning your Documents

All campus copiers can be accessed by logging in into the machine (using your USG login information) and entering the InfoSci specific code that will be given to you. Please use a workroom 5161 on the 5th floor in Building III if you need to scan or make copies.

If you have more than 10 copies to make, you have an option to bring your copying to the Copy Center located in the lobby of Building 2 (the middle building) and request copies (using the same copy code given to you by the InfoSci staff member). They have our account on file and will automatically bill the program. They are wonderful to work with and extremely fast, so you don’t need to worry about dropping things off days in advance. You can also email them your document in advance and ask that it be copied and billed to the program. Just be specific about what you want (double sided, stapled, etc.). The email is:


You may use the printer located in room 5113 for your printing needs.  Please connect the USB cable to your laptop or the desktop computer monitor. You may also send jobs to the workroom printer. (See Shady Grove staff for details)


There are three wireless networks on the USG campus.

  • Grove is an open, unencrypted network, which you can connect to without intervention by the OIT Help Desk. Remember to go through the login page by opening a browser and accessing any webpage.
  • To use encrypted networks, Airnet and Firenet, as well as classroom technology, please consult with the OIT Help Desk by telephone: 301-738-6363 [or push the “IT Help” button on USG campus phones], or e-mail:

See OIT web site for more information: