Human Resources

All human resource issues such as contracts, appointments, and pay are handled by Human Resources at the College of Information Studies on main campus. Please contact the iSchool Human Resources department for these issues. Their contact information is:

College of Information Studies, Dean's Office

Patuxent Building Room 1122 | 4161 Fieldhouse Drive
College Park, MD 20742

Phone: 301.405.2035
Fax:  301.314.9145

Faculty Office Space

We have some limited office space for faculty use at the Shady Grove campus.

There is a shared station with desk space and a desktop computer in room 5113; the desk closer to the window is reserved for our Graduate Assistant. The access code to the office will be given to you. We strongly advise you to lock the door, even if you leave for a very short amount of time, since a few cases of theft occurred in Building III over the last couple years.

All faculty can also use the USG Faculty Office Space located in Building I, Room 207, where you can prepare for class and/or meet with students. There are 12 workstations, 6 of which have a desktop computer, and two enclosed cubicle spaces where you can meet with students privately.

USG Faculty Space Hours are:
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-10 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

You can log in to the computers using your USG net ID (the same credentials you use to log into classroom computers) You can print directly to the Faculty Office Space printer from any of the desktop computers in the office. The printer and copier can be used by logging in with your USG net ID or  swiping your USG ID card and entering the InfoSci specific code, which will be shared with you. All files saved on the workstation computers will be automatically deleted at the end of each business day. For technical issues contact the OIT Help Desk at ext. 6363.

There are 16 lockers in the Faculty Office Space with a key provided for the day’s use. Keys must be returned to their respective locker at the end of the day. No overnight storage is allowed. Items left in the lockers will be removed every Friday. USG Faculty Office Space users are solely responsible for the safety of their personal belongings (cell phone, laptop, tablet, purses, textbooks, etc).