Welcome to the B.S. in Information Science program at the Universities at Shady Grove, and thank you for agreeing to teach for the InfoSci program at the Shady Grove campus. We hope that you will find your experience rewarding, and we will do everything we can to assist you. We hope that this Handbook will help you get oriented to the Shady Grove campus, the program, our expectations of students, and resources available for both students and faculty.


As soon as you know which textbook you are using in your class, please email that information to the InfoSci Assistant Director at Shady Grove. There is a bookstore on the premises which offers all of our textbooks. We try to get our textbook orders into the system as soon as possible, so students are able to order their books well in advance.

You can also request the textbook to be placed on reserve in the USG Priddy Library and so that our students are able to check it out for a period of 2 hours during the school year. To do so, please fill out the following form https://libguides.shadygrove.umd.edu/er_request.php.


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