To be a competitive applicant to the Communication program, students should complete approximately 60 applicable credits and achieve junior standing. A grade of C or better is required in the major courses listed below. Additionally, completion of Fundamental Studies and 75 percent of lower level university general education requirements is needed. Completion of an A. A. Degree from a Maryland Community College will show completion of the UMD General Education Requirements (except for Professional Writing and any credits needed to complete the minimum 40 credit requirement). Visit to determine how courses from other institutions transfer to University of Maryland, College Park. 


Course Title

University of Maryland

Montgomery College

Frederick Community College

Prince George’s Community College

Howard Community College

Oral Communication


COMM108 (SP108) or COMM112 (SP112)

COMM103 or COMM107

SPH1010, SPH1110, SPH1030, or SPH161


Introduction to Communication Inquiry


COMM250 (SP250)


See Advisor

See Advisor

Statistical Analysis

STAT100 or BMGT230

MATH117 (MA116) or BSAD210 (BA210)

MATH120 or MATH125

MAT114 or MAT2210

MATH138 or MATH200