For examples of what our students are working on and their accomplishments see below:

The Hardest Button to Button
Yonatan Brand

The inspiration for the film came from the idea that in recent years I have been playing music with a friend jamming out to different rock tunes primarily focusing on rock music genre and playing to the tunes of the band “the White Stripes” with the former musicians, Jack White and Meg White.

As my friend a guitar, bass and keyboard player, Jack Kwait-Blank, built a professional home studio which contains all necessary equipment for professional recordings. One room is a rehearsal room containing a drum set and various 20 ft. audio cables which are laid out to another room which is the recording and studio with a console and audio receivers receiving the feed from the rehearsal room.

Puerto Rico
Dawit Martin and Daniel Zevallos

Campus Kitchens
Amelia Ross, Javaria Javed, and Anthony Choi