The Strategic Planning Committee is guided by the work of Jim Collins “Good to Great” to build our own USG Fly Wheel consisting of processes, actions, programs, and innovations identified as the key drivers behind what the Universities at Shady Grove is deeply passionate about. The Strategic Planning process has involved stakeholders from across the USG community meeting regularly, analyzing background data and reports, learning from the Strategic Planning Workshop Series, and engaging in enlightening discussions about the vision of USG 2.0. Below are links to recordings of each workshop in the series, as well as the presentation slide decks from each. The Strategic Planning Committee encourages you to use these resources and reference materials to further conversations and develop bigger ideas about how USG can continue to enrich and support learning, workforce development and economic growth within and beyond Montgomery County.

Strategic Planning Committee Membership

Adam Binkley

USG MCAS Senior Coordinator (SAC Rep)

Andy Schell

HR Manager Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Anne Khademian

USG Executive Director

Annica Wayman

UMBC - Translational Life Sciences

Anthony Featherstone

Executive Director of Worksource Montgomery

Anthony Foster

USM - Assoc, Vice Chancellor for Planning & Accountability

Becky Wiseman

UMB - Chair UMSON at USG

Ben Wu

President and CEO of MCEDC-BOA Member

Betsy Beise

UMCP - Assoc. Provost for Academic Planning and Programs

Bev German

TU - Executive Director, TU Learning Network

Candace Caraco

UB - Associate Provost

Chris Steele

UMBC - Vice Provost Division of Professional Studies

Derrek Dunn

UMES - Dean of the Business and Technology School

Diane Alonso

UMBC - Psychology

Dusty Rood

President and CEO of Rodgers Consulting-BOA Member

Erin Ward

USG Administration Manager - STAFF SUPPORT

Guy-Alain Amoussou

BSU - Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

Henri T. Maindidze

UMBC Undergraduate, B.A. Psychology ‘21 - STAFF SUPPORT

Francisco Cartagena Bracamonte

Graduate Student Rep on BOA

Zuhal Qasimi

Undergraduate Student Rep on BOA

Irene Munster

USG Library Director

Ike Leggett

USM Regent

Kathryn Duffy

UMCP - Program Coordinator, RH Smith MBA

Kevin Beverly

Former CEO, Scientific Systems, BOA Vice-Chair

Lynn Langer

Executive Dean, FAES

Marty Rosendale

CEO of Maryland Tech Council

Mary Lang

USG Chief Strategy Officer

Mel Gomez

UMCP - Prog. Director, Embedded Systems & Internet of Things

Mikal Abraha

Engineer at PathSensors, Inc. (Alumni from UMD at USG Bio Sci)

MJ Bishop

USM - Kirwan Center Director

Obioma Akaigwe

USG Auxiliary Services Manager (SAC Rep)

Paula Widerlite


Ralph Hall

Virginia Tech School of Public and International Affairs

Rich Wilkens

SU - Associate Provost

Richee Smith Andrews

USG Chief Advancement Officer

Robyn Dinicola-Wagle

USG Chief Student Affairs Officer

Rose Jackson-Speiser

USG Data Coordinator - STAFF SUPPORT

Roya Mohadjer

Director of Business Development at Battelle Health

Sanjay Rai

Montgomery College - SVP for Academic Affairs

Scott Murphy

MCPS - Director of College and Career Readiness Programs

Shirley Brandman

Education Advocate

Tetyana Bezbabna

UMCP - Program Coordinator, Information Science at USG

Tony Hawkins

Frederick Community College - Provost

Workshop #1: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Community Wealth Building

Workshop Date: Friday, July 9, 2021

Look at how to weave Diversity, Equity & Inclusion into the fabric of an organization, and make that a priority in our USG Strategic Plan and organizational core. Learn what community wealth building is and how it applies to the USG mission.


  • Kevin Beverly, Former CEO of Social & Scientific Systems, Inc. and Vice Chair of the USG Board of Advisors
  • Andy Schell, HR Manager of The Chesapeake Bay Foundation
  • Jessica Hardy, Virginia Tech Department of Agricultural, Leadership and Community Education
  • Dr. Ralph Hall, USG Innovation Fellow and Associate Director of the School of Public and International Affairs at Virginia Tech

Workshop Presentations:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Regenerative & Distributive Design

Community Wealth Building


Workshop #2: Innovation

Workshop Date: Friday, July 30

With USG's sights set on becoming an Innovation Hub for higher education, we learn the Why, What, Who and How of leveraging the junction between perfect timing and critical need.


  • Dr. Christopher Austin, Former Director of the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, NIH, and Former Vice Chair of the USG Board of Advisors, currently the CEO-Partner of Flagship Pioneering in Cambridge Massachusetts.
  • MJ Bishop, Associate Vice Chancellor and Director of the University System of Maryland's William E. Kirwan Center for Academic Innovation
  • Rick Staisloff, Senior Partner of the rpk GROUP

Workshop Presentation:

Strategic Planning: Innovation

Workshop #3: Data and USG

Workshop Date: Friday, August 6, 2021

Challenge how you think about and use data, and embrace it as a way to drive USG forward as a leader for innovation and change. 


  • Ebonie Gadson, Associate Systems Engineer at Lumen Technologies and graduate from the University of Maryland, College Park Information Science program at USG
  • Tiffany Hosey, Founder & CEO of BuilDATAnayltics, Inc.
  • Brian Goode, Lead Gaming & Simulation Engineer at Mitre Corporation
  • John Fritz, Associate Vice President at Instructional Technology, and Affiliate Assistant Professor of Computer Science/Electrical Engineering at UMBC
  • Gayle Fink, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, Office of Planning, Analysis, and Accountability at Bowie State University

Workshop Presentations:


Workshop #4: Pathways: Pre-K through J (Jobs)

Workshop Date: Friday, August 20, 2021

Examine and reimagine USG's pivotal role in strengthening and expanding a lifelong educational and workforce ecosystem for the county through intentional equity-driven pathways.


  • Lisa Beth Ferstenberg, Principal Patient Safety Physician from AstraZeneca
  • Jeanne Contardo, Vice President & Managing Director, Capital CoLAB at Greater Washington Partnership
  • Cara Crowley, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Amarillo College
  • Sara Wells, ACES Career Readiness Manager, Student & Academic Services, USG

Workshop Presentations:

Capital CoLAB: Greater Washington Partnership

Amarillo College: Culture of Caring

Career Readiness Pathway Potential

Workshop #5: USG's Fiscal Model

Workshop Date: Friday, August 27, 2021

Learn about building a more sustainable fiscal model for USG to allow for optimal support, growth, connection and innovation for our students, county employers and regional businesses through higher education.


  • The Honorable Mike Knapp, Co-Founder & CEO of Skillsmart and USG Board of Advisors Vice-Chair and Executive Committee Member
  • Rick Staisloff, Senior Partner, rpk GROUP
  • Kathy Ulibarri, Chief Executive Officer, K. Ulibarri Consulting and Collaborative for Higher Education Shared Services (CHESS)

Workshop Presentations:

Creating Sustainable Business Models In Higher Education

CHESS: A Story of Innovation for College Survival in the 21st Century