USG-UMCP Charter Bus Validation Sticker Request for UMCP ID Cards

All Shuttle-UM buses running between USG and UMCP are chartered buses. To use this chartered bus service, you must be a UMCP student currently attending classes on USG or a UMCP faculty member that is currently teaching class on USG. USG does NOT make exceptions to this policy. Non-affiliated persons are referred to the DOTS Commuter Shuttle #141, which goes to the Gaithersburg Park & Ride location on Diamond Avenue. All riders boarding buses, at either end of the route, will be required to display a USG photo ID or a UMCP photo ID that has a USG-provided holographic sticker on it. If you are a UMCP student, registered for classes at USG, fill in the application, below, to request a holographic sticker for your UMCP photo ID card: