Where is the pick up/drop off location at each campus?

The College Park pick up/drop off location is at the Stamp Student Union. There is a single Shuttle stop on the USG campus. The Shady Grove pick up/drop off location is on Gudelsky Way at the corner of Gudelsky Drive. There is a Shuttle-UM sign located there.

What stops will the Shuttle-UM make along the way?

This is a chartered bus service and it will not make stops along the route. 

What route will the Shuttle-UM take from College Park to Shady Grove in Rockville?

The shuttle will take the Intercounty Connector (ICC/MD-200) route unless traffic circumstances dictate that another route be used.

Who can ride the Shuttle-UM?

To ride the USG chartered shuttle to or from UMCP, riders must present/display either a valid USG photo ID card or a valid UMCP photo ID card that bears a holographic sticker that has been placed on the card by USG.

Is there a charge for this service?

There is no charge for this service. The Shuttle-UM driver will ask to see your photo ID card.

What if the Shuttle-UM bus service is suspended due to inclement weather?

In the event that we have to suspend this chartered Shuttle-UM bus service due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances that we are unable to overcome at the time, we take multiple steps to inform students. An announcement will be posted on the DOTS website and a recorded message will be placed on the DOTS transit services phone line at (301) 314-2255. In addition, an announcement will be posted on the Universities at Shady Grove website, text message alert system, and the Universities at Shady Grove main phone line 301-738-6000 (inclement weather). The bus will also display a message on the destination sign. If campus closes early, we will attempt to have at least one full run of every route after the university has closed. However, there may be times when this cannot be safely done due to the weather.

If a student is at the Shady Grove campus and the Shuttle-UM cannot get there because of weather purposes, there are other options for students to get back to College Park. Montgomery County has a RideOn bus service at the Universities at Shady Grove campus with three different bus lines that all connect the campus to WMATA's Shady Grove Metro Station. Those routes, the #43, #66 and #67, can take students to the metro station where they can then take MetroRail to the College Park Metro Station. The one-way fare for this method of travel would cost the passenger anywhere from $3.10 to $5.85, depending on the time of day they will be traveling and if they will be using a SmartTrip card or not. Some important links for other options of transportation are: