Student Organizations

Student Organizations are an integral part of student life at USG! Students are encouraged to form and participate in recognized student organizations as a way to increase students and faculty interaction and to enrich the overall collegial experience.

While student groups may gather and convene informally at any time, we encourage students to apply to have their groups approved as official and recognized organizations by The Office of Student Services (OSS) at USG. The registration process offers organizations a number of benefits, such as ability to reserve classrooms free of charge and the opportunity to apply for funding through the Office of Student Services (OSS). Registration also establishes a means for on-going communication between student organizations and USG Administration, which can provide support, stability and guidance when needed.

How do You join or establish a new student organization?

Students interested in joining or establishing an organization can get involved and engaged on the USG Student Life portal called Connect@USG.  See the list of all currently registered USG Student Organizations and contact information here.  

For more information about USG student organizations please contact Gordon Price at 301.738.6189 or 

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